Notes for common amusement facilities of indoor playground

Notes for common amusement facilities of indoor playground

Notes for common amusement facilities of indoor playground


If you want to do an indoor playground business, I hope that the following content can help you.

1.Rotating instruments

▲Fasten the safety belt if there is a safety belt, to prevent the child from falling due to the speed of rotation or insufficient grasp.

Do not allow children who are under 6 years of age to play independently.

Rotating seat allows 3-6-year-old children to fasten the safety belt, so parents should accompany them.

2.Climbing frame

▲ Safety belts should be secured and checked by a professional worker before starting the climb, or parents should stand directly under the climbing position for protection.

When your child is climbing down the jungle gym, make sure no child is climbing above you.

Don’t encourage children to compete with other children.

Do not tease your child to look down, encourage him to look up to avoid falling in fear.

If there are other children on the climbing frame, wait for the child in front of you to move forward and then move along with you, keeping a distance from being kicked or dropped by the child in front of you.

Avoid the climbing gyms which is more than two people are involved.

3.Boardgame toys

▲Blocks are common playground toys, this kind of toys need to be paid attention to some problems of small parts.

Don’t let your baby bite, tear, or pull toys, so as to avoid bacterial infections.

Parents should quickly pick out toys with dangerous jagged edges or broken pieces.

The type of liquid graffiti should be put on aprons for the baby, and at the same time let the baby try to find the corner of the table to do it, parents should do body protection between the seats, to avoid the baby being hit in the process of playing.

4.Gravel area

▲ When children playing space sand, sandpits and other areas, parents should pay attention to their hands, feet, eyes, mouth, and hygiene.

Do not let the baby sit directly on the gravel pile during playing, if the babywearing shorts, remind the baby squatting or kneeling.

Remind the baby not to sand, let the baby try not to play behind other babies, to avoid the trampling between the baby.

After their playing, parents should pay attention to the timely cleaning of hands and feet, to avoid the appearance of bacterial infection in the gravel caused by sand dermatitis.

5.Bouncy castle

▲The bouncy castle is generally divided into outdoor and indoor parts, get away from the outdoor bouncy castle on windy days.

When playing on the bouncy castle, try not to wear shorts and skirts, because it’s easy to rub the skin.

The inflatable castle should avoid the tumult of the baby, especially the inflatable slide, which is likely to be trampled by crowds.

6.Ocean ball

▲ Suggest the baby do not lie down or squat in the sea ball, to avoid other children to step or fall down.

When playing sea ball, do not let the baby push or sit on other children.


▲ Children should go up to the stairs when playing the slide. You shouldn’t climb up the slide backward.

Let the baby climb up and hold it well. Wait for the previous child to slide down the slide and sit down. Put both feet on the slide and sit on the slide. During this period, the child should never be allowed to slide the head down or belly down.

Get up and leave the slide immediately to make room for the children behind you.

Some climb ladders are made of thin steel tubes or climbing nets, and children can easily get hurt by missing a step or falling through a gap in the middle of the ladder. So, when the little child is playing, the adult should help him climb up.

8.Swing instrument

▲Swing devices should be made of softer materials like rubber or plastic, not wood or metal.

Sit in the middle instead of standing or kneeling. As the swing begins, make the child’s hands grip the sides.

Keep a safe distance from the machine while waiting. Do not run or walk around while swinging.

Swing machines are usually designed to be used one at a time, so don’t let two children play close to each other.

Do not push, shake or pull other kids, parents should pay attention.


▲ When children play trampoline, it is easy to fall from the height into the edge of the gap, it is also possible to fall from the height due to the lack of straightening limbs and limb sprain if it happens in the crowd, the probability of collision will rise.

Adults are not allowed to play with children because of their weight, because it may cause a child to break his hand when he falls.

Pay attention to the frequent use of trampoline, it may lead to the bed connection due to deformation and warping.

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